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****PRODUCT News*****

Welcome to PTP Fabrics!

We do not sell retail. We sell only wholesale to needlecraft/craft shops. If you are a retail customer, you can see all of our colors by clicking on the PTP icon above. But you will have to find a retailer to get your fabric. Shouldn’t be hard, though. We send our fabric out to a lot of shops!

Those with a wholesale account can go to the login page by using this link:

If you don’t yet have an account with me – email or call me (866-314-4343 or 785-263-9930) about setting up an account.

Little bits of important information:

We no longer dye opalescent 36 or opalescent 40 count linens. They are no longer available to us. Several dyes have mysteriously disappeared from the face of the Earth apparently never to be seen again. There are substitutes for a couple of them, but not for everyone. So as a result we’ve had to discontinue some of our colors effective immediately –

  • Dill
  • Haven
  • Stellar
  • Mello – as soon as our small amount of dye is used up
  • Flash

A blue dye has been discontinued that we use to make many other colors. We’re finding blue substitutes, but this means that some of our colors may “change” a bit over time as we introduce new blues into our formulas. Not happy about this, of course, but it is what it is.

There will not be any new PTP colors introduced in 2021. First time in forever! But developing and deciding upon new colors takes time and that’s something that we just didn’t have this year.

And the most important thing for most of you is my current lead time. It can be as long as 5-6 months. No one is happy about this – not you and certainly not me. But there isn’t much that can be done about it. We’re still dyeing as much and as fast as we can. And we thank all of you for your patience and understanding.


Crystals are dyed on fabric that has an opalescent thread woven into it. It gives the fabric sparkle.

  • The fabric pictures shown on this website are intended to give an approximation of each color and are shown in linen. Because of the differences that exist between computer monitors, printers, etc., the colors shown should not be considered to have been passed down directly from the "Powers That Be"