News Letter

Christmas in July Sale - Update

September 18, 2017

Taking a few minutes to send out this brief update.

We're just about at 6 weeks post Sale (already!!) and progress is steady, but slow. We've sent out a little more than 200 orders so far leaving us still with just under 700 to go! But this isn't as slow as it sounds. We're actually ahead of where we were this time last year! And while orders "trickle" out at the beginning, at some point (soon!) they should start going out in larger groupings.

Been getting a few emails - not a lot, but more than last year - asking about Sale orders. Please understand that if you do ask this you're likely to get an automatic reply something like "your order is in queue with several hundred other Sale orders and will be completed as soon as possible". We tried very hard to "warn" everyone that this is not a fast process. And most of you know that, don't you?

Our thanks - as always - to everyone for their patience while we work through the Sale orders. But keep in mind that there are "regular" orders coming in every day that also need to be worked on.

And we're back to cutting and serging and dyeing and ironing....

Thank you Marilyn, Susie, Lisa, Sara, Brittnye, Gaij & Sue


Christmas in July Sale

August 10th, 2017


Well, we made it! It was an exciting 24 hours during which we received 895 orders! Wow!! They ranged from orders for 1 special piece of fabric to orders that made me strongly suspect that some of you are trying to acquire every one of our colors!! But no matter what was ordered, we want to thank each and every one of you for making our Sale so successful. work.

This week has been spent getting all of the orders organized, pulling the pieces that we just happen to have, answering emails and making a change here and there. Today we'll start making our Sale dye list. Keep in mind that all this is being done as work also continues on orders that came in before the Sale and continue to arrive daily. All non-Sale orders will be treated as "regular" and will go out within our usual time frame of 2-3 weeks. All Sale orders....well, you know we'll get them sent out as quickly as we can. I actually sent out 28 yesterday!!

So our thanks to all of you for your orders. Many of the little notes scattered among the orders made us smile. I'll send out an occasional short newsletter to keep everyone updated on our progress.

Oh - and my worker bees - the ladies here that I couldn't do without! - they would like to send out a big "Thank you!!" to all of you who listed your color choices alphabetically and those of you who really tried! They say that it makes the job of putting the dye list together soooooo much easier!!

And we're back to cutting and serging and dyeing and ironing....

Thank you Marilyn, Susie, Lisa, Sara, Brittnye, Gaij & Sue